(an association of unique luxury hotels in Croatia that gathers 16 carefully selected hotels)

Name: Research showed that the most significant change in the luxury market was consumers’ shift from buying things to experiencing finer things in life. Therefore, we came up with the claim ‘Richer for a new experience”. That is why each hotel in the Association offers unique experiences worth sharing. Following that premise, we created the new name for the Association - Stories, signed by Croatian Unique Hotels. The slogan “You are the Writer” invites each guest to become the protagonist and narrator of their unique experience.

Slogan: You are the writer.
Headline: Richer for a new experience.

Port 9

(newly opened resort on the island of Korčula)

Name: Port 9 illustrates the number of towers that encircled the medieval port of Korčula, inviting the guests to enter the forgotten worlds of this islands and rediscover their lighter and brighter side.

Slogan: Sunny side of you.


(brand of dry-cured meats made from the Slavonian pig)

Name: The noun Dobro in the Croatian language means an agricultural land. As an adjective it refers to the quality of "good" ingredients from which these products are produced, while in the same time signifies the supreme moral value that embodies the very essence of the brand's business - doing good for the wellbeing of our people and for the whole region of Slavonia.

Slogan: Slavonia, made of goodness.


(Auto Zubak sub-brand specialized in retailing and servicing of various automotive brands)

Name: Neostar is a coinage of Latin word Neo (new) and English word Star. It signifies newly bought car as your new star, while at the same time plays with the meaning new-old, as in Croatian star means old.

Auto Zubak

(Croatian market leader in retailing and servicing of some of the strongest automotive brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Seat)

The research showed that trust is the most important emotion among customers when it comes to buying and repairing their vehicles. They are cautious when it comes to uncertified dealerships but also perceive the authorized ones as lacking in providing value for money. Therefore, our main insight was that people return to those they trust – that was also chosen as the brand’s new slogan.

Slogan: People return to those they trust.


(the largest hotel complex on the Makarska Riviera)

The story about Medora is the story about Podgora and all of its natural contrasts:

Name: the roof brand Medora was named after endemic shell species found on Biokovo, while brand extensions were named after motives from Podgora, derived from Latin. Thus, the first renovated family hotel Minerva was renamed Medora Auri Hotel. The contrasts of Podgora are projected through the new brand slogan.

Slogan: Touch the sea, hug the mountain.


(the leading digital agency on the Croatian market)

The internal analysis showed that people who worked in iStudio were curios by nature, as a result of which their work inspired consumers’ curiosity. They constantly untangled even the most complicated digital challenges and created great online solutions, which kept the customers “clicking.” The new slogan together perfectly embodies the idea of solving difficult challenges.

Slogan: Makes you curious.

San Gurmano

(high quality extra virgin olive from Croatian region of Istria)

Name: San Gurmano has three possible meanings: it sounds like an imaginary place in Istria – the Italian overtone because of the Italian language as part of the Istrian heritage, “san” in Croatian meaning dream so it can be translated as “gourmet’s dream”, as well as San for Saint in Italian. The slogan plays on one of the possible meanings of the name.

Slogan: Every gourmet’s dream.

Noda, Godiment and Bogondon

(three new wines produced by Stina)

Name: The names Bogondon (red wine), Godiment (white wine) and Noda (rose) are derived from the local dialect and they reflect the importance of the wine to the local people. Red wine is therefore god-given, white is for pleasure, rose is for hope.

Slogan: Poor in soil, generous in spirit.

Nai 3.3

(brand of supreme quality extra virgin olive oil from Dugi otok)

Name: Dugi otok is an island of enchanting beauty with century old olive groves. When it snows on the island, the olive harvests are particularly abundant. Snow is rare on this island, averaging 3.3 days. The name Nai means snow in Old-Dalmatic, the extinct language from these parts of the Adriatic. Nai 3.3 symbolizes the effort of olive growers to create the top olive oil including the years when it doesn’t snow.

Slogan: Because you can't count on snow.


(brand of innovative nutritional supplements)

Name: Almagea® means the soul of the Earth. The name was inspired by the innovative formula, which consists of natural ingredients and comes in a liquid form.

Slogan: Revolution from nature.


(Austrian brand of used formwork, owned by the Austrian company Doka)

Name: Form-on is a derivative of an English word formwork, which together with suffix –on suggests stimulation and vigor in construction and business.

Hijack Byejack

(brand of bulletproof auto glass that we created for the Lebanese client MSCA (M. Special Car Armoring).

Name: Hijack Byejack, in a humorous way describes the act of greeting the hijacker (Hi Jack) and then escaping him (Bye Jack). This name is not frightening, but instead communicates safety and escape from criminals, and is easy to remember thanks to the play on words.


(touristic resort situated in the Bay of Žrnovnica beneath the mountain Velebit)

Name: Veladrion is the coinage of the words Velebit and Adriatic representing the unity of the mountain and the sea – where the mountain Velebit, the river Gacka and the Adriatic sea unite.

Slogan: Follow the river and you shall find the sea.


(the leading Croatian brand of children’s footwear)

Our main insight was that no child is the same, just as no foot is the same. Froddo celebrates this diversity and encourages children to grow up freely and leave more distinct footprints. The new slogan “Every step is your story” projects the brand story of a happy child that grows up freely.

Slogan: Every step is your story.

Baby Center

(the leading Slovenian brand of children’s equipment)

Parenthood is a journey full of surprises, both happy and difficult, rewarding and scary but most of all the most beautiful experience. When embarking on a new voyage, you need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, a smile to cheer you up, because you can’t do it on your own. Baby Center celebrates all beginnings that you as a parent experience with your child - not just the birth of the baby, but everything from the first tooth, to crawling, walking, first day of day care or school. 

Slogan: Helping hand for all your beginnings.

Sv. Katarina

(Specialized hospital for orthopedics, surgery and physical medicine and rehabilitation)

Name: St. Catherine was chosen for two reasons: St. Catherine being the patron saint of sick people and St. Catherine being the name of the parish church where the hospital is situated.


(a county in the northwestern Croatia)

The slogan came from the brand story. It is a story that represents the fairy tale about the palm of the hand and kind people that live there in seven towns, on seven hills, surrounded by pristine rivers and springs. Each finger represents Zagorje’s mountains and hills, the line of life are the rivers and creeks, hand jewelry are the castles and churches, while number 7 represents number of towns and hill tops in Zagorje.

Slogan: A fairy tale at hand.