We have created brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity for a new hotel in Rovinj, Blubini Heritage Hotel.


Comeleon is the first Croatian conference on organizational culture, hosting the world's biggest experts in the field of agile organizations. We created Comeleon’s brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity.


We have created the communication strategy for Almagea® MAN FORMULA +, a new product in the portfolio of a Croatian food supplement company and our client Almagea.

Split United

Split United is a project that links and revitalizes two key locations in Split, the city’s eastern shore and the area of Kopilica. We have been working on a brand strategy, a brand story, name, slogan, and visual identity for Split United, as well as verbal and visual communication.

Merga Victa

Merga Victa is a new brand of wine from the island of Korčula for which we created a brand strategy, name and brand slogan.

Jellyfish in Space

We worked on the brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity for Jellyfish in Space, a new street food & cocktail bar in Zagreb.


Infobip is one of the world's largest IT and telecommunications companies, providing mobile communications services for business users through cloud-based systems. We created Infobip’s brand foundation, brand story, brand slogan and logo.


Autototo is a new automotive retailer in the market that sells used cars, for which we have created the brand strategy, brand story and slogan, as well as visual identity and overall communication.


Ilks is the first Croatian brand of silk bedding for which we create the brand strategy, name, slogan and visual identity.