Privacy Policy

Your data, privacy and us in a nutshell.

We only collect the data we need to communicate with you and provide our full services. This involves your email address. When you take our “Brand Test™” we need your email to send the results. If you leave us also your name, surname or address we will keep them all safe.

We don’t sell your data to third parties. When we do share your data (again, email) it is done in order to engage our services, like to an external IT company. We’re branding professionals, not IT experts, so we hire third parties to help us there.

We would like to send you stuff. This “stuff” falls under the category of “marketing.” But, really it just includes a newsletter about what we’ve been up to, new services we can provide you, and of course announcements about any awards we’ve won for creating incredible brands. If you decide you don’t want to hear from us, we won’t take it personally and it won’t effect how we feel about you. You can always opt out by unsubscribing or sending us an email.

You have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data. And we will happily comply, unless we still need to use it to process the “Brand Test™” results, or if there is a legal reason we need your data. Other than those two reasons, if you say: “Hey! Stop using my data.” We will say: “Okay.”

You can also access and correct your data whenever you want. And legally you can do all this via um… post, a phone call, or email. Our apologies to fax and telegraph users, we no longer use those means of communication.

We keep and use your data only as long as we process your “Brand Test™” results, or as long you are subscribed to our newsletter. When you ask us to stop, we will immediately stop using it and erase your data.

We also do our best to keep your data secure. This means only those authorized to see it have access to it, and we also protect it from hackers and other nefarious folks on the Internet.

In the unlikely event that you feel your rights have been violated you can send a complaint to the data police, better known as the Personal Data Protection Agency. We would also like it if you sent us the complaint too, but we really don’t imagine you will have anything to complain about. After all, it’s not like we’re part of big tech.

So, that’s it. Your data, your privacy, and us… in a nutshell.

If you want to get into the legalese and finer details you can read more about it below.


1. General provisions

At FABULAR BRANDING d.o.o. (hereinafter: Fabular) we care about your personal data.  Please read the following Privacy Policy to find out why and how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information.

We respect your privacy and process your personal data in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the movement of such data.


2. Which personal data do we collect?

We collect and process personal data received from you once you have signed up for our newsletter and/or our “Brand Test™”. The mentioned data includes your e-mail. We don’t require any other personal data from you. However, if you leave us also your name, surname or address we will keep them safe as your email address.


3. Why are personal data processed?

We processes your personal data for the following purposes:

a) Personal data processing for sending “Brand Test™” results

While taking our “Brand Test™”, you provide us with answers about your brand and your e-mail address. This personal data is processed by Fabular only for the purpose of receiving the completed test in its email and to send back the results of the test to you via e-mail. The only data required by Fabular to do so is the e-mail address, which can be, but not necessarily, a personal piece of information.

b) Personal data processing for marketing purposes
Your e-mail address may be processed for the purpose of sending newsletter and advertising messages on the activities, novelties and services offered by Fabular.

When processing personal data for direct marketing needs, you will be required to provide consent for your data to be processed for the purpose of sending the newsletter.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to: or using the link for unsubscribing from the list of users who receive marketing information. This link can be found in all emails received by Fabular containing marketing communication. Withdrawal of your consent will not have a detrimental effect on the branding services provided by and will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. When you ask us to stop, we will immediately stop using it and erase your data.

c) Personal data processing for the purpose of compliance with legal requirements

We may process your personal data for the purpose of meeting legal requirements imposed by public authorities. This particularly refers to (i) the processing of data in order to meet fiscal and accounting obligations and (ii) the disclosure of information required by public authorities, including courts, based on and within the scope of generally applicable provisions (for example, for the purpose of exerting rights of Fabular, other Users or third parties, including the intellectual property rights).

d) Personal data processing for the purpose of the legitimate interest of Fabular or a third party, except where such interest is overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of Users and/or third parties.


4. Sharing personal data

We will never share your personal data with third parties without your prior consent. Your brand test results and email address will only be shared to the third parties needed to process the results of your “BrandTest™” and deliver individual results:

a) service providers who allow Fabular to provide branding services

The services that may be required are, for example: infrastructure and IT service provision, customer support, website optimization. Unless necessary or required by mandatory regulations, they shall not be authorized to disclose or use for their purposes your personal data and will act on behalf and as per the instructions of Fabular.

b) authorities, including courts, regulatory bodies and other public bodies

Personal data will be provided to the abovementioned bodies to the extent to which this is required for the purpose of: (a) meeting a legal requirement referring to Fabular; (b) protection and exertion of a right by Fabular, other Users or third parties, including the intellectual property rights; (c) protection of security of Fabular, other users or third parties.


5. Your rights

You may send us a request at any given moment to exert the following rights:

a) to access and and correct your personal data;

b) to suspend the processing of your data for marketing purposes;

c) to object to the personal data processing if these are processed for the purpose of the legitimate interest of Fabular or third parties

d) to delete personal data if they are no longer required for the purposes referred to under point 3.
You can withdraw the consent the processing is based on and there are no other legal grounds for processing; You object to the processing and there are no legitimate interests for which processing should be carried out; Personal data are processed with no legal grounds;

e) to restrict processing if:

– the accuracy of personal data has been contested by the User, for the period in which Fabular will verify the accuracy of personal data;
– processing has no legal grounds but the User objects to the removal of data and requires restriction of use instead;
– Fabular requires no longer personal data of the User for the purposes referred to under point 3, but the data are required by the User for the purpose of realising or meeting legal requirements or defending against these.


You can notify us about he abovementioned requests via post, telephone and/or email at:

Fabular branding d.o.o.
Rokov Perivoj 3
Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 409 4200


6. Duration of data processing

We will process your personal data only for the purpose of sending back the results of BrandTest via e-mail and will thereafter be deleted. Personal data will be processed for the purpose of sending Fabular newsletter with advertising messages until you withdraw the consent.


7. Data security

Data security maintenance is understood as ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability (for permitted purposes) of personal data. Confidentiality means that only those persons having authorization to use data may have access to these. Integrity means that data must be accurate and suitable for the purpose they are processed for. Availability means that authorized users must be able to access data if they require these for the permitted purposes.

Furthermore, we will undertake all appropriate measures against unlawful or unauthorized processing of personal data, as well as against accidental loss of personal data or damages incurred in respect of personal data. These principles will be executed in a manner as to ensure appropriate protective measures, both in respect of hardware and in respect of software (including the physical entrance and access control system, locks, security doors, passwords for accessing data that are processed in digital form etc.).


8. Rights and legal remedies

In case of violation of rights relative to the processing of personal data, you may file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Agency. In any case, to solve all potential problems related to privacy in as fast and simple manner as possible, it is recommended to send complaints or requests to Fabular prior to contacting public authorities.