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Fabular wins prestigious REBRAND 100® Global Awards for five projects

Petra Despot Domljanović

08.03.2024 - 3 min

We are proud and honored that our rebranding projects for The Island of Hvar, Voli Voli, The Amauris, MacJack and Scoop are among the most effective brand transformations, according to REBRAND 100® Global Awards. By winning this award, Fabular is placed among the world’s leading branding agencies such as FutureBrand, Principals and Unisono.

REBRAND™ is the world’s leading resource for effective brand transformations. The REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the first and most respected recognition for repositioned brands, featured in such media as The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Bloomberg Businessweek.

Rebrand100 2024 Web Hvar

The Island of Hvar won the Distinction Award, as well as the Brand Concept Video Recognition. The new slogan “Discover, Follow and Be the Light” and the new brand story were inspired by “the light” as a motif that is omnipresent on Hvar. This was the first time the island was presented as a unified destination, uniting all places under one story. A day after the launch, Hvar’s brand video had 28k views on social media.

Rebrand100 2024 Web Volivoli

Voli Voli won the Distinction Award. We wanted to differentiate the brand from the large number of existing pet food brands, while creating a compelling name and story that would communicate the two-way love between pets and their owners. With the brand’s new slogan “Give Love Back”, we communicate the return of love with high-value food.

Rebrand100 2024 Web Amauris

The Amauris won the Distinction Award. The Amauris is a luxury boutique hotel in Vienna, located on the famous Ringstrasse. We connected the strengths of the Viennese history and Habsburg Monarchy with the refined wishes and lifestyle of guests who have visited the most exquisite locations in the world. We therefore linked the Habsburg monarch with The Great Monarch Butterfly that lives like the modern guest – traveling incredible distances to witness the beauty of the monuments of a stupendous past. The hotel is fully booked throughout the year and is currently the best-rated Viennese hotel on

Rebrand100 2024 Web Mcjack
Rebrand100 2024 Web Scoop

MacJack won the Merit Award. They are a mobile payment app that enables simpler contactless payments at vending machines around the world, but also at a number of other points of sale such as parking lots, laundries or photo booths. We turned two key benefits of the app – ease of payment and rewards when purchasing – into a fun brand story that everyone can identify with. In just four months after the launch, the monthly number of transactions via MacJack app have increased by 52%. The average number of transactions per individual point of sale increased by 23%.

Scoop won the Merit Award. They are a data science company focused on building complete data-driven solutions. The new name, slogan, visual identity and a distinctive story emphasize Scoop’s strength to empower your tomorrow.