San Gurmano
San Gurmano is a high quality extra virgin olive from Istria, a Croatian region famous for winemaking, olive oil and good food. We have identified a strong niche in the marketplace, which is the gourmet olive oil. 



Sladorana from Županja is one of the three leading sugar producers in Croatia, founded over 50 years ago. We diagnosed the discrepancy between the high quality of Sladorana sugar and the existing brand image.

General Blistakonov

General Blistakonov (in Croatian Blistakonov means “shines like new”) is a new brand of carwash. Nobody washes you like the General and every car shines like new.

Teatar Exit

Teatar Exit is one of the leading independent Croatian theatres founded 11 years ago.

Anima Arba

Anima Arba is a family owned brand of extra virgin olive coming from the Croatian island of Rab. The brand story is a tale of a herd of sheep that live in the family owned olive grove. 

Hijack Byejack

Hijack Byejack is a brand of bulletproof auto glass that we created for the Lebanese client MSCA (M. Special Car Armoring).


We have created the new brand strategy, new name, slogan and visual identity for Sorinele, a brand of home decoration and accessories, that was called Glam Avenue before rebranding.