Names and Slogans

Author Anja Bauer



MacJack is an advanced platform that enables simpler contactless payments at vending machines around the world, but also at parking lots, laundries or photo boots. Mac is a friend who is always at hand, while jack is American slang for money, but also a “cool” person who lives a fulfilling life. The slogan “Small Daily Wins” playfully communicates the benefits of the brand.

SLOGAN: Small Daily Wins



The name Zonar Zagreb is a coinage of the words zone and regeneration. The name connotatively refers to the hotel as a regeneration zone for global travelers, a place where they can renew their mind and body with numerous sports, fitness and gastronomic facilities, and continue their journey towards success. The new hotel is the perfect zone for athletes, sport enthusiasts and business people who are constantly on the move. “The Earth Never Stops Moving, Neither Should You” is the insight and the slogan and serves as the backbone of the new brand story.

SLOGAN: The Earth Never Stops Moving, Neither Should You



We named the new wines from Istria Bastiàn, which in the local dialect signifies St. Bastian (Sebastian), one of the protectors of Buje. With the slogan “Dedicated to the Istrian White Soil”,  we emphasized the preservation of the white Istrian soil.

SLOGAN: Dedicated to the Istrian White Soil



Valamar Amicor Green Resort is the first family resort in the Adriatic built according to the principles of sustainable development. The brand name comes from the Latin name for friend (amico), inspired by the inscription above the entrance to the Renaissance villa of the poet Petar Hektorović, signifying a place built for socializing and friendship. With the key message “It is in Our Nature to Preserve Nature”, we additionally emphasize the harmony between humankind and nature.

SLOGAN: It is in Our Nature to Preserve Nature



We named the new luxury 5* hotel in Vienna “The Amauris”, after a type of butterfly that belongs to the nymphalidae family to which “The Great Monarch” belongs. Metaphorically speaking our guests are like the Great Monarch butterfly – they travel miles and miles, yet want to blend in with the local surroundings. The slogan “Explore Beauty” invites guests to explore beauty found in every corner of the hotel – in luxurious hand-made fabrics, rich flavors, carefully curated artwork and surprising details.

SLOGAN: Explore Beauty



Glasswing is a fine dining restaurant in The Amauris Vienna hotel. The restaurant is named after the Glasswing, a butterfly known for its exquisite beauty. Due to its delicate, see-through wings, it easily blends in with the environment. This perfectly reflects their cuisine philosophy – serving exquisite dishes made from the finest seasonal ingredients.



We named the new top quality wines from Podrum Mladina Erdoro. Erdoro is a coinage of the surname Erdödy and the Italian word oro (gold). The name carries connotations of the noble heritage of the Erdödy family and the production of top quality golden wines.

SLOGAN: Noble Coexistence of Man and Nature



Scoop is a data science company. The name represents a set of relevant data.

SLOGAN: Empower Your Tomorrow



Yops is a digital platform enabling efficient management in agriculture. Yops comes from the coinage of the words yield (yield) and -ops (operations).

SLOGAN: Your Productive Farming



The name of the organic skincare brand Matinata comes from the flower iris matinata, and at the same time it is a coin of the words “mati” (mother in Croatian) and “nata” (abbreviated from the English word nature). The name draws to mind high-quality ingredients from nature that guarantee the best protection and care for the skin, just as a mother provides protection and care for her children.

SLOGAN: The Skin I Feel Best In



Superology is a development company specialized in social betting. The brand name symbolizes the science of being super, which is also the slogan of the brand.

SLOGAN: The Science of Being Super



(luxury boutique hotel in Ika, Opatia Riviera)

The meaning of the word Ikador is a construct of the words Ika and the French “d’or”, meaning made of gold, and the first tones of the musical octave do, re (mi, fa, so, la, ti, do). With its connotations, the name refers to a golden Ika, but also to the music of the four famous composers who found inspiration here.

SLOGAN: Sounds Perfect



In addition to naming luxury hotel Ikador, we named the hotel restaurant Nobilion, the cigar bar Edgar and the hotel experience manager Maestro as he directs all the experiences the hotel guests desire.



The name Bornfight for a digital innovation agency doesn’t stand for aggression; it accentuates the strength of spirit and character. The name is the motivation for all the people in Bornfight to dig deeper, passionately and determinedly, to dream and create amazing ideas and solutions.

SLOGAN: The Code of Passionate Determination



The new brand was named Rajska, which means “from paradise” in Croatian, but also refers to tomatoes as the word in Croatian for tomato is rajčica. Additionally, these heavenly tomatoes originate around the town Sveta Nedelja, a name that has heavenly connotations in Croatia as it contains both the words for saint and Sunday. The word tomato in Croatian is derived from the word paradise and translated by the German word “Paradiesapfel,” which literally means “apple of paradise.” Moreover in ancient Greek we have the word “paradeous,” which means an “indoor garden; paradise.”

SLOGAN: Scent of Summer, Taste of Paradise



(natural scented candles)

URONI means to “dive in” in Croatian, inviting the consumer to immerse themselves in a sense of relaxation, in the scent of the forest, the energetic wave, pure white cotton. The slogan of the brand “Scent You Can Feel” communicates that this is a fragrance that is felt by your whole being.

SLOGAN: Scent You Can Feel



(street food & cocktail bar)

In 1991, NASA launched 2000 jellyfish into space and they reproduced, creating 60,000 of them. That is why we say that somewhere there is a jellyfish floating high and far in the space. The story of the jellyfish combines human reach with a playful mind, and will delight the guests with intriguing cocktails, imaginative food and atmosphere.

SLOGAN: Jelly Good Bar



(boutique hotel in Rovinj, Croatia)

The brand name Blubini is coined in English from the words blue and Rovinj’s historic name, Castrum Rubini. To further encourage guests to explore the city and the depths of the sea, we created the slogan Dive Into the Blue.

SLOGAN: Dive Into the Blue



The name for a management consultancy combines absolute, ion and epsilon, invoking a connotation of the absolute picture with detailed insight into the smallest particles or particulars, while epsilon is associated with the Digital Generation, Generation Y, who has grown up immersed in the digital age.

SLOGAN: The Measure for Success



Moonspin is a crypto casino that provides a fast and thrilling experience in a secure gaming environment. Our key insight “The Thrill of It” led us in the naming process. Moonspin is a coinage of crypto term wen moon + casino term spin, but also spinner (a winning streak). Moonspin inspires people to reach something that is further away and aim for the moon.



Hemp has been present in Slavonia for thousands of years. The new name for hemp gin Keliro celebrates the centuries-old heritage from the Celts, Illyrians and Romans in Slavonia. With the slogan “Follow the Sun” we toast the Sun, the glorious Slavonian past and those special moments of joy and relaxation.

SLOGAN: Follow the Sun



The brand name of a new edutainment playroom is a coin of the Croatian word igra (play) and the Latin word grandis which means something great, shiny and imposing. This name has created associations with the largest playroom in this part of Europe, and the suffix -andia draws to mind a fictional land of play, imagination, excitement and surprise.

SLOGAN: The Greatest Way to Play Under the Sun



The brand concept and brand name for a new family fun park are inspired by Marsupials – a friendly and fun species that includes curious kangaroos, energetic wallabies, cheeky opossums and sugar gliders – who just love to jump around, just like the park visitors.

SLOGAN: Totally Awesome



(brand of silk bedding)

We reversed the letters of the word silk and created the anagram, ilks. The name, along with the slogan That Silky Feeling, communicates in a playful and dynamic way a supreme sense of sleep in the products’ woven luxury, the most comfortable and finest Mulberry silk.

SLOGAN: That Silky Feeling



(urban revitalization project)

The name Split United refers to both the name of the city and the problem currently facing the city, as it is “Split” in terms of traffic and development. While, “United” indicates the results of the project’s completion, which will unite the city with the construction of the Intermodal Railway Center in Kopilica.

SLOGAN: Turning to the Future



Litterarii is a new brand of top wines produced on the manor estate Nespeš. The name is a derivative of the Latin name for primary school (ludus litterarius), and the new slogan “School for a More Fulfilled Life” connects the wine with the manor’s school heritage.

SLOGAN: School for a More Fulfilled Life



(boutique hotel in Rovinj, Croatia)

The Melegran — means pomegranate in the dialect of northwestern Istria, which is also the symbol of Rovinj. Therefore, the name relates to the meaning of juicy, refreshing and local.

SLOGAN: Sunny Istrian Reverie



The name for a home decoration brand is inspired by the brand owners (ita. sorelle + Sonja + Marinela), and brings positive associations on smiling and sunny (ita. sorriso / sole), as details they create bring joy and enrich every space. Craft and precision are further emphasised with the new slogan “Eye For Details”.

SLOGAN: Eye For Details



The name for a new conference is derived from the English words “come” and “chameleon”. The name clearly communicates the inviting and inspirational image of the brand with the natural features of the chameleon— an endearing animal whose unique, natural feature is the ability to alter the color of its skin and adapt to constant changes in the environment.



We named the leading company in the apartment rental industry after the swallow (in Latin hirundo), a migratory bird which always returns home to its nest, and it can also be pronounced as I-run-do because we always want to encourage you to go out and get to know the city through the eyes of its residents.

SLOGAN: Be Adventurous. Feel at Home.



The brand name for the leading EDI provider revolves around conveying the feelings of being in the zone, strength, and omnipotence, thus the EDI firm has been rebranded as Omnizon Networks, with the slogan “Mission Possible”.

SLOGAN: Mission Possible



The new brand of premium wine is the testament to the rich wine growing past of Šibenik County. The wine celebrates the secret of a good bottle of wine – the intertwining of the visible and the invisible world.

SLOGAN: Testament to the Rich Wine Growing Past



Brand name for a new top wine from the island of Korčula. The position where the winery’s vineyards are located, was called by the native population Merga Victa, from which the name of the brand is derived. Merga Victa literally means the “path for water” in old-Dalmatic.

SLOGAN: Gifted wine from a gifted island



(design furniture)

The name NUNC is the Latin expression meaning “now”. We believe in the Now, that everything we create now should be equally relevant tomorrow and transcend trends and time.

SLOGAN: Fun in Functional



Digital Poirots is a data-driven digital agency. The name connotatively refers to the famous fictitious detective Hercule Poirot. They work by detecting small clues, threads, patterns and turn them into a big meaningful picture.


NAI 3.3

(extra virgin olive oil)

Dugi otok is an island of enchanting beauty with century old olive groves. When it snows on the island, the olive harvests are particularly abundant. Snow is rare on this island, averaging 3.3 days. The name Nai means snow in Old-Dalmatic, the extinct language from these parts of the Adriatic. Nai 3.3 symbolizes the effort of olive growers to create the top olive oil including the years when it doesn’t snow.

SLOGAN: Because You Can’t Count on Snow

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(brand of dry-cured meats made from the Slavonian pig)

The noun Dobro in the Croatian language means an agricultural land. As an adjective it refers to the quality of “good” ingredients from which these products are produced, while in the same time signifies the supreme moral value that embodies the very essence of the brand’s business – doing good for the wellbeing of our people and for the whole region of Slavonia.

SLOGAN: Slavonia, Made of Goodness

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(extra virgin olive oil from Istria)

San Gurmano has three possible meanings: it sounds like an imaginary place in Istria – the Italian overtone because of the Italian language as part of the Istrian heritage, “san” in Croatian meaning dream so it can be translated as “gourmet’s dream”, as well as San for Saint in Italian. The slogan plays on one of the possible meanings of the name.

SLOGAN: Every Gourmet’s Dream

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



Family Resort Port 9 illustrates the number of towers that encircled the medieval port of Korčula, inviting the guests to enter the forgotten worlds of this islands and rediscover their lighter and brighter side.

SLOGAN: Sunny Side of You

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



Family Resort Medora in Podgora was named after endemic shell species found on Biokovo, communicating the sea and the mountains for which Makarska Riviera is known. The contrasts of Podgora are projected through the new brand slogan.

SLOGAN: Touch the Sea, Hug the Mountain

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(brand of innovative nutritional supplements)

Almagea® means the soul of the Earth. The name was inspired by the innovative formula, which consists of natural ingredients and comes in a liquid form.

SLOGAN: Revolution from Nature

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



The name for the resort Veladrion is the coinage of the words Velebit and Adriatic representing the unity of the mountain and the sea – where the mountain Velebit, the river Gacka and the Adriatic sea unite.

SLOGAN: Follow the River and You Shall Find the Sea

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(brand of bulletproof auto glass)

Hijack Byejack, in a humorous way describes the act of greeting the hijacker (Hi Jack) and then escaping him (Bye Jack). This name is not frightening, but instead communicates safety and escape from criminals, and is easy to remember thanks to the play on words.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(three wines from the island of Brač)

The names Bogondon (red wine), Godiment (white wine) and Noda (rose) are derived from the local dialect and they reflect the importance of the wine to the local people. Red wine is therefore god-given, white is for pleasure, rose is for hope.

SLOGAN: Poor in Soil, Generous in Spirit

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(truffles from Istria)

The brand name unifies the names of the great grandfathers that come from both sides of the family named Pietro, who were the initiators of the family tradition of truffle hunting, thus communicating rich family history and 6 generations long tradition.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



This extra virgin olive oil truly reflects the heart and the soul of the picturesque island of Rab, therefore we named it Anima Arba – meaning “the soul of Rab” in Latin.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



The name for St. Catherine hospital was chosen for two reasons: St. Catherine being the patron saint of sick people and St. Catherine being the name of the parish church where the hospital is situated.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(brand of used formwork, owned by the Austrian Doka)

Form-on is a derivative of an English word formwork, which together with suffix –on suggests stimulation and vigor in construction and business.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(used cars reseller)

Neostar is a coinage of Latin word Neo (new) and English word Star. It signifies newly bought car as your new star, while at the same time plays with the meaning new-old, as in Croatian star means old.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(an association of unique luxury hotels in Croatia)

Each hotel in the Association of Croatian luxury hotels offers unique experiences worth sharing. Following that premise, we created the new name for the Association – Stories, signed by Croatian Unique Hotels. The slogan “You are the Writer” invites each guest to become the protagonist and narrator of their unique experience.

SLOGAN: You are the Writer

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



(professional kitchens)

Fusio is a derivative from a noun fusion, it carries connotations to the fusion of professional and functional with gourmet, hedonistic, inspirational, adaptive, creative and environmental, and aslo connotations of fusion as a trend in the kitchen.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



The brand name of this bakery brand is a coinage of the word Dalmatia and the Italian word oro which means gold. It carries connotations on products so good as if they are like Dalmatian gold.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer Minkara.



The brand name for homemade pasta is a coinage from Latin words bono (good) and Arba (Island of Rab). With this name we were able to emphasize the rich taste of pasta, which comes from the island of Rab.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



The new name for design furniture store communicates the key brand idea – the interior is a place where imagination and creativity have no limits.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



The brand name emphasizes the gentle yet efficient formula of a brand of intimate care, natural ingredients and most of all the feeling of self-confidence after using the product every day.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer



Author Anja Bauer


MOJPOSAO: Click to Change for the Better

MojPosao is a brand that for 20 years has been the first and remains the leading choice for job hunting and career development in Croatia. We observed that changing jobs is the beginning for a number of other changes that make one’s life happier and more fulfilling. We then came up with the slogan “Click to Change for the Better” . The phrase is a play on words, while also highlighting the key functionality of the MojPosao portal.


MONNAI: Tapping Into Global Potential

Monnai is a San Francisco fintech with offices in Singapore and India. Monnai’s founders Pierre and Ravish have lived and worked in 40 countries across 5 continents. Their aim is to make financial services accessible to everyone across the globe. The new brand slogan “Tapping Into Global Potential” suggests opening new frontiers – for fintechs to grow their business, for people to lead remarkable lives.


INFOBIP: Worlds Connected

The slogan “Worlds Connected” highlights Infobip’s vast global network, as well as their deep knowledge and understanding of local communities in the various countries they operate in. The meaning of the slogan emphasizes Infobip’s strength to unify, through advanced technology, client’s world with the worlds of their customers.


ELECTROCOIN: Nothing Cryptic About Crypto

Electrocoin is the leading Croatian fintech, specialized in crypto currency brokerage and crypto-payment processing. We have united the key strengths of Electrocoin – leading experts who know everything about crypto, available 24/7 stellar support, simplicity and the guiding principle of a “minimum number of clicks” in the development of all Electrocoin’s products. Our key insight “There’s nothing cryptic about crypto” became the backbone of the new brand story.


MITTO: Ahead for Tomorrow

With the new slogan for a CPaaS company “Ahead For Tomorrow” we wanted to emphasize the brand’s advanced technology as well as its agile, innovative and passionate personality.


NOTCH: Outwit the Challenge

Notch is a full-service software development agency with offices in Zagreb, Split and Frankfurt. With the slogan “Outwit the Challenge”, we wanted to emphasize the creation of advanced digital solutions, tenacity in overcoming challenges during the process, and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.


CITY OF TROGIR: Marked by Masters

The new slogan we created, “Marked by Masters,” testifies to the city of masters.


AIREX: My Space, My Time

The slogan My Space, My Time communicates the part of the day that we dedicate to ourselves, where we space out the negatives and attract the positives.


POLYCLINIC MAZALIN: We take care of your health as if it were our own

With the new brand slogan “We take care of your health as if it were our own”, we emphasized the dedication of Dr. Mazalin and the entire medical team, who care for patients as if they were their own children.



The academy is led by the expertise and insight of Ivan Ljubicic and his top-notch team. Ivan is a great thinker, known and respected for his strategic approach and intelligence. He knows what it takes to be better and stronger against all odds and how to outsmart the person across the net. This was the foundation of our slogan “Be Your Best”.


3A Composites Core Materials : The Future is Greener

Brand story focuses on the passion and perseverance in creating new products, which are stronger, lighter and greener to the core, describing literally and figuratively what they are made of.


OLIVE & SPICE: Fall In Love with Life

The brand slogan embodies the brand story of American-Croatian couple who fell in love with each other in Istria and decided to share their love for life and travel with their clients.


ALGEBRA: Be excellent at what you love doing. Light the spark.

The backbone of our story is to inspire Algebra’s students to discover what they love to do and to excel in doing it. In one word, we call this process “spark” because the idea of lighting the spark contains emotion and an association with intelligence, light, and the desire for excellence. This is further highlighted by the new slogan: “Be excellent at what you love doing. Light the spark.”


Q: Whatever the Q, we got the A.

This was the foundation of the meaning of the brand. Q is a question, a question that will be answered, therefore their brand essence became their slogan: “Whatever the Q, we got the A.”


MARRA: She’s Got That Special Something

Brand strategy for Marra cosmetics was inspired with the personality and character of the owner, as well as with all the strong women which she worked with over the years. Marra celebrates the beauty of the character, that special something that women have. That special something thus becomes a verbal code.


AUTOTO: Safe Cars, Happy Drivers

That feeling of security and peace of mind is most important when buying a car. For that reason precisely Autoto is trying to find a reliable solution. They know that only a confident customer is a happy customer and a happy driver.


MAISTRA: Feel Reborn

Maistra is the leading brand of 4* and 5* hotels in Croatia. Their hotels promise to renew the body and mind with bespoke experiences in the most beautiful locations on the Adriatic coast.


ZAGORJE: A Fairy Tale at Hand

The slogan came from the brand story that represents the fairy tale about the palm of the hand and kind people that live in Zagorje, in seven towns, on seven hills, surrounded by pristine rivers and springs. Each finger represents Zagorje’s mountains and hills, the line of life are the rivers and creeks, hand jewelry are the castles and churches, while number 7 represents number of towns and hill tops in Zagorje.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer


BABY CENTER: Helping Hand for All Your Beginnings

Parenthood is a journey full of surprises, both happy and difficult, rewarding and scary but most of all the most beautiful experience. When embarking on a new voyage, you need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, a smile to cheer you up, because you can’t do it on your own. Baby Center celebrates all beginnings that you as a parent experience with your child – not just the birth of the baby, but everything from the first tooth, to crawling, walking, first day of day care or school.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer


FRODDO: Every Step is Your Story

Our main insight was that no child is the same, just as no foot is the same. Children footwear brand Froddo celebrates this diversity and encourages children to grow up freely and leave more distinct footprints. The new slogan “Every step is your story” projects the brand story of a happy child that grows up freely.

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer


DEGORDIAN: Makes You Curious

The internal analysis showed that people who worked in Degordian were curios by nature, as a result of which their work inspired consumers’ curiosity. They constantly untangled even the most complicated digital challenges and created great online solutions, which kept the customers “clicking.” The new slogan together perfectly embodies the idea of solving difficult challenges.              

*This project was done in Brandoctor led by Anja Bauer




ADRIATIC HOTEL: The Expression of Rovinj’s Art Scene


ALHAMBRA HOTEL: Timeless Mediterranean Glamour


BASTION HOTEL: The Ornament of Zadar


CANOPY BY HILTON: Evoking the Proud Past of a Zagreb Neighbourhood


HOTEL KAZBEK: Laid-back Luxury in Dubrovnik’s Historical Summer Residence


HOTEL LIFE PALACE: Life In the Middle of the Medieval Palace






MENEGHETTI WINE HOTEL & WINERY: Miracle Off the Beaten Path


NAVIS HOTEL: Beauty Unites Contrasting Worlds


SAN ROCCO HOTEL: Experience the Charm of Centurian Family Heritage


THE PUCIĆ PALACE: Proud Witness of Dubrovnik’s Glorious Past


VESTIBUL PALACE HOTEL: The Place That the Emperor Diocletian Built for Himself