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Autototo is a new automotive retailer in the market that sells used cars, for which we have created the brand strategy, brand story and slogan, as well as visual identity and overall communication.

The Croatian used car market is very saturated.  The competitors largely compete with a wide selection of cars, whereas the customers have profound mistrust in roadworthiness of vehicles. It was therefore challenging to define a unique functional benefit of the brand to prove vehicle safety, and a unique emotion to make the brand stand out from the rest of brands.

Autoto Automobil

The insights obtained following the market analysis and the assessment of customer needs showed that customers are looking for a tested and safe vehicle, but at the same time want to feel as if they are buying a new car. These two needs were put together to make the brand story:

“Buying a used car is often a very demanding and long process. It is virtually impossible to find a desired, well-maintained and affordable model, and even if eventually found, one only wants to make sure the car is safe and reliable.  That feeling of security and peace of mind is most important when buying a car. For that reason precisely we are trying to find a reliable solution. We are responsible and want to help you find the very car you are looking for, in an easy, fast and carefree way. We know that only a confident customer is a happy customer and a happy driver. And that is why every car of ours undergoes a thorough inspection focused on testing 137 car components. Such inspection provides the most accurate verification of the safety and roadworthiness of our cars. Once we meet this need for safety, we are confident that you will feel genuinely delighted and happy, about to exclaim: Autotoooo!!!”

Autoto Banner
Autoto Logotip

The brand story eliminates any doubt and lack of certainty when buying a used car for which reason a unique inspection was designed in as many as 137 focus points. This inspection, carried out by precise and thorough Autoto repair specialists, includes all most important car components. It provides the most precise insight into the car condition and gives customers an opportunity to buy 100% tested car so that they can be safe and sound while enjoying their ride. The inspection based on 137 focus points makes Autoto the only brand in the market offering such detailed inspection of most essential car parts.

The resulting slogan and the sonic logo: “Autotoooo! Safe cars, happy drivers” is a natural outcome of the brand story.

Autoto Knjižica Autoodgovornosti

The new visual identity is based on the letter “t” in the logo suggesting the driver’s position in the car. This association is further amplified by the letter “o” representing the wheels, and building up an iconic image of the car driver.

The logo has a human focus, and doubling of the letter “t” is a positive outcome associated with the number of satisfied drivers – users of the Autoto brand – and a resulting exclamation: Autotoooo!

Autoto Kombinezon
Autoto Stationery

Brand Strategy & Creative Director: Anja Bauer

Copywriter: Anja Bauer

Brand Consultant: Stipan Rimac

Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Art Director / Designer: Igor Manasteriotti