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We have defined the brand strategy, the new name and the slogan of the new brand of winery as well as the premium wine variety called Babić, which is still not widely known.

Our task was to uniquely position the brand in an already saturated Croatian market place and to narrate the story about this part of Dalmatia, about the traditional winegrowing region, which is still not well known among the wine-drinking target audience.

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We have learned while talking to the enologist that Babić grapes only grow on this part of the Dalmatian coast, where our vineyard and a few other wineries are located. And this is why it is cherished — only 100,000 bottles of premium Babić wine are produced in the world annually, most of which are our wines. Our expert enologist, an authority on Dalmatian wines, has, with the help of innovative technology, created rich and complex wines that bring you closer to nature.

This brand is the testament to the rich wine growing past. The wine celebrates the secret of a good bottle of wine – the intertwining of the visible and the invisible world.

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The visible world essentially shows all that the spectator can see standing on the threshold of our winery in Dalmatia. These are the breathtaking views, the expertise of our enologist, the rocky soil, the Dalmatian winds, and the life-giving sun, in other words the grape growing conditions. The invisible world is in fact our past. Wine has been made here for two thousand years. Testament bears witness to the past by narrating the story of proud wine growing people whose economic wellbeing rested upon their knowledge and expertise in wine cultivation.

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By reading the books on the history of this micro location we have learned some interesting historical facts, which we have then used in the brand story. There are three main testaments of the wine related past. The invisible world narrates captivating stories of the amphorae buried deep in the Adriatic Sea near Šibenik. Secondly, our story introduces the hypocaust that is buried deep near our location. Hypocaust was the heated room from the Roman times that made the grapes mature faster. Lastly, the great witness of our past is the grape-pressing machine named Machina Nova designed in the 16th century by the renowned inventor Faust Vrančić born near Šibenik. Therefore, parts of the invisible world testify to the wine growing past.


Testament is the witness to the power of the present and past or the visible and the invisible and its biggest testimony is the wine of enriched and complex taste.

All the testaments of the past have inspired us to name it Testament, while the new slogan is “Testament to the rich wine growing past”.

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The author of the label is the art director Tonka Lujanac. The label is composed of two layers. The first layer represents the present while the second represents the past of winemaking in Šibenik region. The present shows the high quality and top technology used to create wine, and is communicated through simple, modern design and purest white paper. The past positioned behind the present is seen through a die-cut in the top label in the shape of letter “t” from the winery’s logo. It is printed on yellowish, textured paper reminiscent of medieval manuscripts. The handwritten text narrates the brand stories about the testaments of the winemaking past.

The printing house Etikgraf from Sv. Petar u Šumi had to invent an entirely new way of printing to make this concept of the label possible.

Brand Strategy & Creative Director: Anja Bauer

Naming Consultant / Copywriter: Anja Bauer

Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović

Brand Consultant: Stipan Rimac

Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Art Director / Designer: Tonka Lujanac