We created the brand strategy, new name and visual identity for the top quality Erdoro wines from Podrum Mladina. These wines are produced in the best locations of the Plešivica wine region. Our task was to strongly position this new brand in an already saturated market, while also to telling the hitherto unfamiliar story of Plešivica, whose terroir is well known for the production of the most technically demanding, yet natural wines.

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Our brand story was inspired by the tradition of the noble Erdödy family, who built their own wine cellar in 1736 right on the site of Mladina, and by the noble coexistence of man and nature:

“The dense forests of Plešivica have always been a place of inspiration, both for the locals, as well as for counts and great men, poets and writers who wrote inspiredly about the ‘happy and idyllic life of this region’. Along with humans, deer, roe deer, falcons and hawks have also called these forests home.

In this very place, nature has been particularly generous, gifting this area with sun, clean air and fresh summers in which the temperature rarely exceeds 27 degrees. Due to the specific location and terroir, many winemakers and wine experts compare the Plešivica region with the vineyards of France’s famous regions – Burgundy, Jura, Alsace and Champagne, and rate the local, natural wines and sparkling wines as one of the best in Croatia.

It is therefore not surprising that right here on the site of Mladina, the Erdödy noble family built its own wine cellar in 1736, where our best wines are aged today. Throughout history the members of the count’s family distinguished themselves with their honor and great deeds, leaving an indelible mark in this region. In everything they did they strove for the finer things that reflected their noble status — they enjoyed fine wines, art and bird hunting.

Inspired by the noble past of this region and the divine nature of Plešivica, we continue the rich winemaking tradition of the Erdödy family. Among our vineyards, the one on Gaj peak stands out, proudly raised above all and protected by forest on all sides. The soil is fertile, the land is exposed to the sun, and the clean air passes through the dense forest canopy, constantly flowing between the grapevines. Each one of these factors is responsible for this vineyard’s production of the highest quality grapes. We create extraordinary wines only from the most carefully selected grapes from our best locations, like the one on Gaj peak, giving our wines an attractive freshness, drinkability and a full, harmonious taste.

Just like the hawks that constantly fly over our vineyards, we are also aiming for the sky today. With love, knowledge, patience and skill, we refine what nature has given us, creating noble wines that are a true representative of this region.”

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We named the new wines Erdoro, which is a coinage of the surname Erdödy and the Italian word oro (gold). The name and signature of “Noble wines Mladina 1736” carry connotations of the noble heritage of the Erdödy family and the production of top quality golden wines. We also created the slogan “Noble Coexistence of Man and Nature”.

The new visual identity is inspired by the brand story. We redesigned the sign for Podrum Mladina and created a label on which, in addition to elegant serif typography, the illustration of Gaj peak stands out – one of the most famous micro-locations in the Plešivica wine region, where the top Erdoro wines are made.

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Brand Strategy & Creative Director: Anja Bauer

Naming Consultant / Copywriter: Anja Bauer

Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović

Brand Consultant: Stipan Rimac

Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Art Director / Designer: Siniša Sudar

Graphic Designers: Dragiša Mioč, Boris Vida

Illustration: Vedran Klemens

Account Manager: Tibor Jeličić Szorsen