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Love Saves the World

“Love Saves the World” is the name of the movement to encourage people to feel the joy of giving to others. We created the campaign, the slogan and the name of the charitable song “Love saves the world” for the construction of Arka’s first house. Korablja Arka is a community for people with and without intellectual disabilities. They organize workshops, meetings and programs every day with the aim of empowering adults with intellectual disabilities and helping their inclusion in community life. Their needs are great, and their current spaces hinder the community’s ability to grow.

We wanted the band’s charitable song to inspire and invite everyone to help this wonderful community. We contacted the Croatian musician and composer, Bruno Kovačić, who was very happy to respond to our invitation and compose the lyrics and music of this wonderful song. This story soon attracted a large number of people who made arrangements and recorded the song in a very short time.

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The author of the lyrics and music is Bruno Kovačić, and the arrangement and production is by Dragan Brnas Fudo. The song is performed by Nina Badrić, Marko Tolja, Matija Cvek, Ivana Marić, Daria Hodnik, the Palić sisters, Marko Kutlić, Stjepan Lach and Ivan Dečak. Tomislav Bagarić and Studio Regnare and director Staš Mlinar are behind the video. The video clip was recorded in the French Pavilion of the Student Center, and is published by Aquarius Records.

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We are grateful that we could be a part of this story. This noble experience touched and enriched us. We were equally moved by the large number of people who responded so quickly and were willing to help.

Anyone who wants to support this action can donate by scanning the barcode, using the Keks Pay application, or by paying to HR6823400091110544439 with the indication “Love saves the world”. You can find out more information about their work and campaign on the Association’s official website.

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Creative Director: Anja Bauer

Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović

Brand Consultant: Maja Đaković

Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Brand Implementor / Consultant: Matea Denona

Arka Korablja: Miron Perić, Iva Babić

Art Director, Designer: Damir Mazinjanin

Title of Song: Anja Bauer

Song Lyrics: Bruno Kovačić

Composer: Bruno Kovačić

Production / Arrangement: Dragan Brnas Fudo

Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Mix: Dragan Brnas Fudo

Bass Guitar: Goran Delač

Drum: Dalibor Marinković

Piano, Hammond, Editing & Drum Mix: Ivan Popeskić

Mastering: Goran Martinac

Directors: Staš Mlinar i Tomislav Bagarić

Video Production: Studio Regnare

Performed by: Nina Badrić, Marko Tolja, Matija Cvek, Ivana Marić, Daria Hodnik, sestre Palić, Marko Kutlić, Stjepan Lach, Ivan Dečak

Publisher: Aquarius Records

Photography: Saša Ćetković