Hvar Island

We created a brand strategy, slogan, visual identity, and brand video for the island of Hvar. It is the most extensive branding of a Croatian island, the goal of which was to connect its towns and municipalities through a common story, strengthen its positioning and enrich the island with new associations.

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We started the rebranding with an extensive analysis that included brandstorming workshops with representatives from the towns and municipalities on the island and directors of their Tourist Boards. We conducted a series of interviews with meritorious people from the fields of tourism, history and culture – local guides, heads of public institutions and museums, representatives of winemakers and hoteliers. We analyzed the perception of the island’s inhabitants, as well as tourists who visited Hvar. We read numerous literary works and literature about the history, heritage and culture of the island, local customs, natural peculiarities, as well as the indelible mark left by prominent writers, scientists and artists from the island of Hvar.

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The challenge was to find a common denominator, that is, a relevant emotion unique from ancient times to the present day. In a series of amazing stories and peculiarities, we recognized “light” as a motif that is omnipresent on Hvar and that has always attracted people to this island seeking inspiration, beauty and pleasure.

On Hvar, the light is more powerful, more intense, richer than elsewhere. Our new slogan “Discover, Follow and Be the Light” and the new brand story call for its discovery.

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“There are places where the light is more powerful, more intense, and brighter than anywhere else. Such places have always beckoned to people seeking inspiration, beauty and pleasure. Just like a lighthouse.

One of these areas of light is the island Hvar. Hvar reveals a hidden microcosm, opening our eyes to a better world where the light has won the battle against darkness. If you visit it, you will understand what attracted the ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and Croats here — the light that inspires and nourishes.

The light is in the lantern we use to hunt for sardines. It is in the tower Tor, which guards the island. It is in the sun that nourishes the agave from which the Benedictine sisters have been making lace for hundreds of years. The light illuminates a Roman mosaic showing kantharos that bears witness to the light of the spirit. And the greatest light is the one that spiritually nourishes our islanders in the Following the Cross procession. Light is everywhere here – Hvar is literally the sunniest island in the Adriatic – and nothing is hidden in the light. This light can shine for great distances, for even when we leave this island, we will forever take a part of its light with us, reminding us of the wonderful afternoon when we tasted paprenjoki cookies, drank Bogdanuša wine under a century-old pine tree or listened to the sounds of a cappella klapa.

If you stop, you will hear the whisper of the Renaissance poet from the 16th century, Petar Hektorović, who believed that nothing was hidden. And it’s true. Nothing is hidden in Hvar’s light. It reveals the optimism, the love in each of us, and returns us to the life we love. Here you are invited to discover, follow and be the light.”

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The inspiration for the logo, created by art director Maja Bagić Barić, was agave lace, one of Hvar’s products on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. The beauty of Hvar lace is that none of it has a template (blueprint), but rather it is the product of the imagination and artistic talent of an individual lacemaker, and above all of her inspiration and patience.

The logo metaphorically unites two elements – the agave lace and the sun. The motif is constructed within a linear lace network and follows the technique and finesse of Hvar lace. The typography in the logo is serif and elegant with a detail on the letter “A” representing a ray of the sun.

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On Hvar you are invited to discover your brighter side, fill yourself with cheerfulness, joy and optimism. Rest, feed the soul and take light with you – there is enough for everyone.

Brand Strategy & Creative Director: Anja Bauer

Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović

Brand Consultants: Stipan Rimac, Maja Đaković

Copywriters: Anja Bauer, Maja Đaković

Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Maja Bagić Barić

Translation/Proofreading: Cody McClain Brown

Photography: Saša Ćetković

Video production: Kabinet