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Matinata is a new brand of premium organic cosmetics from Croatia. We created the brand strategy, naming, visual identity and packaging.

Our analysis showed that the market is saturated with competing brands, and that each brand places an emphasis on formula or certain ingredients, while omitting the personal and honest story of the founder’s vision which we found can be especially important to consumers.

That is why Matinata is inspired by the personal story of the owner Ivanka Ćosić Prižmić, a mother of two who went through the experience of a serious illness and decided to make a change in her life. Researching the toxins that surround us every day, Ivanka realized that conventional cosmetics are full of controversial ingredients, many of which can have a negative impact on our health. Relying on the power of nature and her motherly love, she then decided to reach out to people who wanted to have access to healthier products.

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In addition to her motherly love, the strength of this brand is in organically certified and world-class ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. Some of these include passion fruit oil, carrot seed oil, strawberry oil, baobab oil, lavender, rose hydrolte, pursley, neroli, green tea, cucumber, Indian fig and argan oil. These active ingredients are combined into unique active formulas that help the skin reach its full potential, regardless of one’s skin type or age.

This brand celebrates maternal love and natural ingredients that protect and nourish the skin, the largest human organ.

These elements are the backbone of our brand story:

We do not say “Mother Nature” for just any reason. Nature can love us in the same way that mothers love their children. Mothers are loving, compassionate, gentle, and always tender. The idea of a mother’s love and Mother Nature encourages us to research, to look for new solutions. Therefore, we have woven all our love and experience into creating Matinata products.

Matinata products are made from precious organic ingredients of the highest quality, and used in ideal concentrations. Our ingredients are grown using a holistic approach in which every detail is considered, and raised without pesticides, away from contaminants. That is why we can guarantee a product that will penetrate deep into your skin and restore its natural radiance, strength, firmness and beauty.

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The name of the brand Matinata comes from the flower iris matinata, and at the same time it is a coin of the words “mati” (mother in Croatian) and “nata” (abbreviated from the English word nature). The name draws to mind high-quality ingredients from nature that guarantee the best protection and care for the skin, just as a mother provides protection and care for her children. In accordance with this idea, we created a brand slogan – “ The Skin I Feel Best In “.

The beautiful visual identity is the work of art director Maja Bagić Barić. The logo contains a stylized letter “M” with leaves that further emphasize the naturalness of the brand. The dominant black packaging with a contrasting white logo communicates the strength and luxury of the brand. The brand image is further emphasized in the logo where the letter “T” from the word Matinata with its size acts protectively over the small letter “i”. A graceful and dynamic look is achieved by a reduced letter “A”, which is rhythmically repeated several times. The sign itself is additionally framed and in this way “protected”.

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Brand Strategy & Creative Director: Anja Bauer
Senior Brand Consultant: Petra Despot Domljanović
Brand Consultant: Stipan Rimac
Junior Brand Consultant: Lena Došen
Naming Consultant: Anja Bauer
Copywriters: Anja Bauer, Stipan Rimac, Ivan Čadež
Senior Brand Implementor: Jelena Mezga
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Maja Bagić Barić
Photography: Maja Danica Pečanić
Web design & production: Q agency